Picnic – 2022

Penned by : Michael

Our RTPTCA annual picnic this year took place on May 01, 2022. This picnic would need special mention as the last RTPTCA annual picnic was almost two years ago in April of 2019. The organizing committee volunteers reached the picnic venue – Dogwood Shelter,1400 Aviation Pkwy, Morrisville around 9:00 am to setup the place with decoration and welcome sign. Special thanks to the organizing committee and volunteers.  
Lead from the front by our think tank Savariyar and Rani on planning the schedule for the picnic and volunteer assignment.

Joe & Benitta – Setup 

Michael & Mano – Food Menu
Maria & Chris – Kids games  
Leo, Susai, Sebastian – Adult games  
Arokia & Suji – Clean up  
Families arrived one by one after 9 am and played badminton, cricket and other games while waiting for others to come. 
10:30 am – Everyone (adults and children) went on a 5K Walk around the park.  There was very good participation from the RTPTCA families  
11:30 am – We had Potluck lunch – a delicious spread of a large variety of food and we got to know of the culinary skills of each of the RTPTCA families.    
12:30 pm – 3:30 pm – Game time  
For Adults games, we started with the 3-legged race.  For each of the race, we had 3-4 pairs competing and all the families had a lot of fun taking part, cheering and laughing.  
For Kids – Balloon Tag (by bursting the balloon tied around the waist of other kids), sack race and other games
Adults & youth played few games of volleyball and that really shown their gaming skills.  
3:45 – 4:15 pm – Snack time. Our evening snack was Samosa and tea sponsored by RTPTCA for participating families  
4:30 pm – 6 pm – Game/Activities. Adults continued with volleyball play, Little kids got to play in the park close by.
5 pm – Dinner (already cooked food and food on the grill)  
We had early dinner – Grilled chicken (families have nicely marinated) and the same was good for our taste buds. Our tummies were full. Many of our people put in a lot of effort and helped with cooking on the grill at the park.  
 Around 6:30 pm we were greeted by rain and as time went by, it started pouring – really took us back to our early age days when we all helped put away stuff quickly and then ran to be under the shelter…  
8 PM – Cleanup  
Volunteers started the cleanup. Everyone at the shelter helped clean and families started loading their stuff back into their car.  
Overall, all the participating families had a fun filled day – a group picnic outing after almost two years of Covid.  
We thank all the families & organizing teams for their efforts to make this a happy experience!!  

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