RTP Tamil Catholic Picnic – 2023

Penned By : Caroline Patrick

On April 29,2023, RTP Tamil Catholic group gathered at Harris Lake County Park in New Hill.  Right from the beginning, Leo Jonadass family’s contribution in planning and execution of the picnic were applaudable. The Picnic started at 8AM with a Brisk walk around the lake. Many kids, ladies and men enjoyed walking alongside with their friends.

 After the walk, with all the gained vibrant energies, the picnic continued its next set of fun activities like cricket and badminton. Our neighbors and people walking around can hear the laughs and joy the group had with their friends. Men young and middle age didn’t mind running or falling on the ground to catch a ball when women cheered their husbands.

 Kids also joined the fun playing cricket, as little helpers, and some as main players. It’s not about winning but who can run faster was the main criteria. No wonder kids dominated men, still it was a fun filled family game to watch.

After recovering from the fun playing cricket, it was time to have a delicious lunch. There was a big spread of Indian menu. The biriyanis disappeared in seconds, and everything tasted delectable. The women who were waiting for their “ladies ME time” started making reels and videos. There was no rehearsal or audition. Whoever can move and groove were welcome to join the video shoot. Tamil and Hindi songs were played, and we could see many Michael jacksons and Prabhu Devas. These are the times, women didn’t care about their age, ditched their shyness and freed their inner talents. Some were singing like nightingales, some choreographing and many enjoyed the momentum.

 By 5PM, it was time for tea, and everyone chilled and relaxed having watermelon, tea and pakoda.

By 6PM, for dinner, men were taking turns to grill chicken. Women on the other side were making burgers for all. After having a wholesome heavy dinner, the group divided into Men vs Women and played antakshari and dumb charades games.

 Known truth – “Women have the right to win 😄

It was a memorable day to remember and cherish till the next Picnic.

Thanks to Organizers, Volunteers, Picnickers, and lovable kids.

Will see you all during next RTPTCA PICNIC 2024!!

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